Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Unlawful ban of guns

CSU President Tony Frank
Colorado State University
Ft Collins, Colorado
Mr. President,
I have written you a previous letter regarding the Board Of Governors decision to go against the wishes of the Student Senate and ban the carrying of concealed handguns by people who hold the Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit.  Having received no response, I felt I should send you another missive.  The Board is taking this action despite the fact that it violates both the Colorado state firearm preemption law and the Colorado Uniform Shall-Issue Concealed Carry Law.  I urge you to follow the established law and allow people who have been trained by the NRA, screened by both their county sheriff and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and had their fingerprints added to IAFIS, to carry a concealed handgun in the careful and prudent manner in which they've been trained.
As you are no doubt aware, criminals do not respect no-carry laws, and they seek places where they are less likely to encounter resistance to their crimes.  They also know that the police cannot be everywhere, and making CSU a no-carry zone will serve to leave students and faculty vulnerable to crimes that might otherwise have been perpetrated elsewhere.  Heaven forbid a Virginia Tech-style attack should happen, the student body will be completely defenseless.
Conversely, interviews with armed robbers who are in prison show that one of their top fears is encountering a victim who is armed.  In our society it is the criminals who should be afraid, and following the existing law is one way to keep it that way.
Thank you for your time,
Rich Baker

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