Thursday, January 14, 2010

Liberal Hypocrites – Isn’t That Redundant?

One of the things that people seem constantly amazed at is the overt hypocrisy demonstrated by the members of the Democrat party. It's not surprising, though, when you think about it. The only people who have high moral standards are the conservatives; this is why it's such a scandal when one of them falls to earth. Only when the offender says he believes in something, and does the opposite, can you label it hypocrisy.

The left, therefore, can get away with murder because they have no compunction about standing for anything, other than that which will win an election. It's also made easier when there is a compliant and willing partner in the mainstream media.

Larry Craig, a Republican, has a long record of voting against gay rights. When he was in Minnesota and allegedly made an advance toward an undercover officer in a public restroom, a media firestorm ensued. Craig still denies any homosexual activity but his career was effectively over and he didn't run for re-election.

Across the aisle, Barney Frank, an openly gay Democrat, had an affair with a male executive at Fannie Mae. He received $40,000 from Fannie for his campaigns. He's a member of the House Financial Services committee, where he has routinely opposed regulation of the banking behemoth that is Fannie Mae. He defended Fannie only weeks before the financial meltdown in 2008, saying that the company was sound and not in crisis. Has he been excoriated by the press for a huge conflict of interest? Does he feel pressure to step down? Hardly.

The media has had a field day tearing down Tiger Woods, tracking down every mistress, finding every byte of text messages that were sent, but is unable to find Obama's long form birth certificate, high school grades, college grades, any evidence that he had student loans (or how his tuition was paid in the absence of loans) or any legal briefs he wrote while working at his Chicago law firm.

Harry Reid's comments about Obama's skin color and 'negro dialect' were 'beyond stupid' according to the Washington Post, but not worthy of his being tossed from office. While I don't entirely disagree with this statement (is the United Negro College Fund an offensive phrase? There are mixed messages here about what is acceptable…) I do disagree with the overall defense. They might as well say "Oh, c'mon, guy, relax - sure it was in poor taste, but it's not really that bad is it? C'mon, man, he's old – he's from a different time!" They have actually trotted out the Trent Lott scandal (Lott said he was proud of Mississippi having voted for Strom Thurmond, who ran for president in 1948 on a segregationist platform. Wasn't 1948 a 'different time?" The hypocrisy comes in though, when Barbara Boxer said that she didn't think that Reid should step down, and that she didn't recall any Democrats calling for Trent Lott's resignation when he uttered his unfortunate comments. To borrow a phrase from Obama himself, the lady from California is engaging in some revisionist history. Mary Landrieu from Louisiana (she of the $100 million payoff for her vote on healthcare) said this of Trent Lott: "Does the Republican Party think this should be their leader?  I can promise you if a Democratic leader said something like this or close to this, their leadership position would be pulled, because our party feels very strongly." Now that the shoe is on the other foot, it appears the strength of their convictions is not that great after all. Maybe the key word there is promise; based on Obama's track record, the word promise appears to have a different meeting from what I thought it did.

In any case, it would serve conservatives well to stop dropping our jaws every time a Democrat gets a pass on something that a Republican would be crucified over, and accept that hypocrisy is in their nature. Instead of spending efforts on bemoaning that they don't get their just desserts, we should spend our energy making sure that their hypocrisies see the light of day and work to get people elected to DO have a sense of honor and integrity. We're seeing a conservative reawakening, and to try to keep score against a political party who has no moral center or obligation to the truth is futile. Instead, to paraphrase John Adams, let's let the facts speak for us, for they are stubborn things that cannot be altered by the desires of men.


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