Friday, December 14, 2007

The Nits Get Picked

This is a nit, but it's a real annoyance to me. It gets under my skin that we have become so politically correct, so adamant that everything should be equal that we can't even fill out an online form without having global equality shoved in our face. Here are two insipid examples:
  • My company employs approximately 325,000 people. 125,000 people are in the United States, a clear majority among the countries. But is the United States first on the pick list on our web forms? No. They've set them alphabetically because the company doesn't want to offend anyone else around the world by putting the US first. So the 3 people that work in Algeria get to fill in their forms with two clicks, while it takes me, along with 124,999 other people, several to get the information input. Let's say that takes an additional 2 seconds per day - that's a potential 70 hours of lost productivity in the US each day, or $4900 in average salaries. It that happens just every other day it costs the company almost $700,000 per year. At the same time, I can't spend $20 on a gift card to reward one of my employees without 3 levels of approval.
  • I work in a customer service center. A few years ago we started moving a lot of the work to Canada, so to show them we are truly supportive of them, we didn't do any cultural workshops, we didn't do any training to learn what life is like in Toronto...we changed the spelling of Customer Service Center to Customer Service Centre.

Canadian 1: "Those Americans are so arrogant, eh. They think they are so much better than everyone else because their system of capitalism has been dominant for 231 years."

Canadian 2: "Hold off there, hosehead. Look at this. They spell customer service centre just like we do!"

Canadian 1: "It appears I don't know what I'm talking aboot. If they spell it like we do, I'm obviously all turned around on this thing. I love America and her respect of our spelling!"

If only it were that easy.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Add this to your lexicon

Recyclobabble - the inane chatter that the greenies spout ad nauseum. There are too many people in the world, we'll run out of (food, oil, air, water, land, etc); don't trash our mother (with a picture of the earth on the side of garbage cans); love your mother (picture of earth on bumper stickers), and on and on. Recyclobabble - you heard it here first.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Out Of Touch

It never fails to stun me how out of touch with the real issues the liberal left is. At a time when we're at war, when at this very minute people somewhere in the world are plotting to kill Americans (for no other reason than they ARE Americans), people who are in a position to act on our behalf are not concerned with this issue. What are they concerned with?

While in a attendance at the Clinton Global Initiative, Ted Turdner was interviewed by CNN (can you imagine if Ann Coulter had her own network, then was interviewed on it? The libs would have seizures!). The interview ran on September 26th. Turdner was asked by the reporter what he felt the biggest threats facing the world today are. His response was surprising only in that global warming wasn't listed first.

The biggest threat he could identify was that the world's nuclear arsenals are on "hair trigger" alert, where an accidental launch will end the world in an afternoon. He said this like Homer Simpson was sitting in a room drinking beer with a single red button under his thumb that would launch every single nuke 'round the world at once. It's ironic then, that while he's so concerned about nuclear weapons that Iran's efforts to build a nuclear weapons program did not register as a threat.

His second threat was predictably global warming. Yawn.

When asked what he would do differently he said he would stop doing "stupid" things like bombing third world nations. OK, like Iran...which is trying to build...nuclear..weapons. Wasn't that his primary concern for the world? This is one of the larger problems with the libs. They can't even be consistent within their own series of statements.

Where was the rise of Islamo-fascism on his list? Not even mentioned.

Now, Ted Turdner isn't one of our elected officials, but he donates to and supports the causes of the liberal left and owns one of the largest lefty propaganda machines in all of cable news, so his views definitely are a problem for our country.

Now, on a day to day basis I don't know how much the average citizen worries about Islamic terrorism, but that's only because we've not suffered a catastrophic attack on our soil in over six years. If we hadn't foiled the plot to blow up the Sears Tower, or foiled the plot to blow up the pipeline that supplies jet fuel to JFK International Airport, or foiled the attack on Fort Dix - I can cite other examples, but you get the picture - things would be different.

The fact is that fundamental Islamists are a threat to Americans, to our way of life. The libs on the left try to act like that's not the case, but they know that it is, or they wouldn't spend so much time and effort trying to divert attention away from it.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Stand For Peace

I saw a bumper sticker yesterday while driving home that said "Stand For Peace." It struck me that I don't know what that even means. Does the driver want us all to stand around until there's no more war in the world? That hardly seems practical.

My next question is what is the definition of peace? One definition states that peace is "freedom from war." Liberals would have everyone believe that withdrawing our troops from Iraq will bring peace, but I see a big difference between "freedom from war" and the absence of warfare. To be free from war, all combatants must stop hostilities. Withdrawing from Iraq only stops hostilities from our side, not theirs. As they proved on 9/11, fundamental Islamists are actively planning, plotting and preparing to carry out acts of war at all times, whether we're "at peace" or not. It's not their hobby, it's their way of life. Does anyone really believe that withdrawing from Iraq will change any of that?

The fact is that people around the world are interpreting the Quran as it was written in the early 600's. What was acceptable behavior then is not now, but someone forgot to tell them that. Again, liberals have a simplistic catch phrase that true Islam is "a religion of peace." You would never know it by what's happening around the world. Until Islam makes true moves to reform, there will be no peace. Until peaceful Muslims who want to be part of modern society no longer tolerate aberrant behavior from their comrades, there will be no peace.

The guy in that car wants to stand for peace? I'll leave him a chair. He's going to get tired.