Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coyote Call To Action – 2nd Amendment Rights (2AR) Under Assault at Colorado State University

The information below came to me from the NRA Institute For Legal Action (NRA-ILA). Here's the background…the progressive, anti-second amendment CSU board of Governors wanted the Student Senate to issue a proclamation about the carrying of concealed weapons on campus, which they did. The problem was that the Student Senate did not issue the proclamation that the Governors wanted. The Senate voted to continue to allow students in possession of their Colorado concealed carry permits to follow the letter of the law in Colorado and carry guns on campus. CSU is one of the last universities in the nation that allows this, and the Student Senate is proud of that fact.

The board of Governors promptly went against the wishes of the students, however, and has decreed that law abiding permit holders will not be allowed to bring their guns on campus, leaving the students completely unprotected if ever a Virginia Tech-style attack were to happen. I urge all of you to call or write the University President (see contact information below) and let him know that:

  • As a publicly funded university he should be obeying the established laws of the state of Colorado
  • CCW permit holders have undergone NRA training, demonstrated proficiency with a handgun, been scrutinized by their County Sherriff Department and Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) background checks, and are fingerprinted and loaded into I-AFIS (International Automated Fingerprint Identification System) before they are given the responsibility of carrying a firearm.
  • Criminals do not respect weapons bans or the fact that murder is against the law.
  • Disarming citizens only leaves them vulnerable to criminals
  • Criminals are opportunists, and will look to commit their crimes in places they deem to be the easiest to succeed. Places that ban firearms are high on that list
  • Interviews with incarcerated armed robbers show that their number one fear when committing a crime is that the victim may be armed

I have already sent a letter to the University President letting him know that it pains me as a CSU alum, but until the established law is followed, I can no longer support the university financially, and if this moves forward as they plan, I will drop out of the alumni association and recommend my soon-to-be college-bound nieces attend college at the University Of Utah where the right to concealed carry is not abridged.

Thanks for your support of our 2AR. This insidious erosion of our rights is indoctrinating our youth in progressive beliefs, and we need to fight to ensure that we continue to enjoy our freedoms; otherwise, we will wake up one day to discover them gone for good.


Colorado State University Seeking to Outlaw
Concealed Carry on Campus
Please Stand-Up and Make Your Voices Heard!

On Wednesday, January 20, Colorado State University (CSU) formally announced their draft proposal to prohibit firearms on all CSU campuses. Exempt from the ban would be weapons used by law enforcement, military and the Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC). This draft policy will be brought up for consideration at the CSU Board of Governors meeting on Tuesday, February 23. A copy of the draft can be found at


Last year, the CSU Board of Governors drafted the policy knowing that it would violate the Colorado state firearm preemption law and the Colorado Uniform Shall-Issue Concealed Carry Law.  Current state law strictly regulates the carry or transport of firearms on schools, colleges and universities.


It is important that Colorado's NRA members voice their concerns to the CSU President that the policy must uphold the Colorado law and allow permit holders to carry concealed for self-defense.   


Please contact President Tony Frank TODAY by phone at 970-491-6211 or email and respectfully urge him to comply with Colorado law.

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