Saturday, January 24, 2009

My latest message to Colorado elected officials

Off to a fast start - the wrong direction?

Esteemed Elected Officials,

I am disappointed that you have voted for the Ledbetter and Paycheck Fairness Acts. These simply open the door for untold frivolous lawsuits against which corporations will spend fortunes to fight. In a time where our economy is already struggling, is it really wise to give access to a populace more likely to need, therefore sue, for money they haven't earned? Is it wise to further burden employers who are already struggling to survive? I see more harm than good coming from this interference in the free market. It was Caleb Strong who said "Inequality arises from the nature of things and not from any defect in the form of administration of government. All that the best government can do is prevent the inequality which fraud, violence or oppression could provide." These bills go beyond the bounds of good governance into the realm of government administering business. Lawyers must be positively licking their chops at the scent of blood in the air over these votes.

While speaking of votes, please thoroughly vet the nominee for Secretary Of The Treasury, Tim Geithner. His comments that he was sorry for his non payment of $34,000 worth of taxes fall short. He says he was "careless" but the mistakes were not "intentional." The same could be said of all of the people who got us into this mess, starting with Jimmy Carter, through Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Alan Greenspan to Ben Bernake and Hank Paulson. None intentionally destroyed our economy (I hope that's the case!), but an argument could be made that all have been careless. Do we really need more careless leadership in Washington? I firmly believe that he will receive a rubber stamp, just as I firmly believe the Democratic elected officials from this fine state will vote party lines on every issue that comes before them. It's up to you to prove you can and will listen to the people you represent. Assuming you actually read this and not just an aide or intern, thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Richard Baker

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