Friday, March 2, 2012

"The Only Good Conservative Is A Dead Conservative."

These were the words staring at me this morning as I went through the comments on's story about the death of Andrew Breitbart. But I'll get to that in a minute.

First I would like to say that Andrew Breitbart was a hero to me. He went to college, had a blast partying, imbibing, and wandering aimlessly before finding his true calling. When he found it, he had the courage to go after it full throttle, without regard for the feelings of his targets, his opponents or his allies. He went for the truth; unvarnished, raw and pure. While most of us go to work each day to push our widgets, Andrew Breitbart went to work to fight and bring down those who do damage to our nation. He made a difference, he made a lot of enemies, and he made a lot of people start taking notice of the events around them and report what they see. In this way, we are all Andrew Breitbart, and I can think of no greater legacy for the man or his work than for us to continue to fight this fight.

On today the hatred toward Andrew Breitbart was laid bare for all to see as a number of people, rather than expressing sympathy for his widow and fatherless children were openly celebrating the death of a conservative blogger. Based on some of the comments you would think that Hitler himself had just died. The most common threads were:
- He's a liar, so he deserved to die.
- He's a bigot, so he deserved to die.
- He was full of hate and that is what killed him (karma/what goes around, etc).
- And my favorite, in a sudden display of religious furor, God struck Breitbart down because he was evil (and hating someone because they're evil is not wrong).

Of course, none of these people have posted links to their sources as evidence for their claims. For the feisty few who spoke out against the hateful comments, the responses were:
- Stop feigning indignation, you conservatives have been acting this way for 20 years so don't get pissy when we do it.
- Go back to Faux News Forums with the rest of your hate mongers.

Some commenters weren't content to merely limit their attacks on the deceased. In addition to the comment that became the title of this piece, 'tyranosaurus' (yes, s/he spelled it wrong) said "if only all conservatives could meet that fate." So deep is this person's hatred for conservatives, s/he wishes tens (hundreds?) of millions of us would die. 'IanA1' (note the theme of not identifying themselves) says "Republicans everywhere are in mourning, crying in their Pabst Blue Ribbon, lowering their Fox News flags to half staff, and putting off their book burning till tomorrow." Yep, in the eyes of a liberal we are all uneducated, bargain beer drinking, tool of the establishment drones.

Patrick Weber (note he used his name - no need to be ashamed if you're not saying vulgar, hateful things) posted "Sad day. My prayers go out to his family. Thank you, Mr. Breitbart for all you did." In contrast, 'Wozz' replied "His family is another bunch of Socialist fatties living on our health premiums. Hope they all die quickly and save our tax dollars."

'Wozz' went on to say "Death of this fatty is good lesson for all conservtards."

A Facebook page has been started called OneMillionBreitbarts. I think it is a fitting honor to the man to like the page, and keep pushing the front of the battle. As evidenced by their comments, a huge swath of liberals cannot just limit their anger to the man himself, they want his family and all conservatives to die. If this doesn't convince people that we're in a culture war, nothing will.

Ann Coulter said that if you don't leave a liberal in an impotent, stuttering rage you aren't doing it right. Well, Breitbart did it right. Now it's up to us to carry that torch forward. I AM ANDREW BREITBART!!!

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