Friday, May 28, 2010

Your iPhone is killing the Chinese

Several things popped into my head as I read this article

First, I really can't complain about work or the conditions we have in the office.  Even though our bathrooms frequently smell like an outhouse because some disgruntled savage has shoved a wad of paper towel in a toilet to get it to overflow, we haven't had anyone kill themselves over the working conditions.

Second, Rita Wilson, the New Jersey teacher who is whining about her pay (highlighting her lack of knowledge about her own situation ) can shut right the hell up.

Third, this is why manufacturing jobs have largely moved overseas to China.  When you read about the conditions these people live under (6 day work weeks, 10 hour days, living 12 to a room in a dormitory, not allowed to talk to coworkers on the production floor) remember that this is what drives the price of an iPhone or iPad down to a level where Americans will buy them.

Lastly, when China was lecturing the US delegate last month about the human rights issues in the United States, we should have just given him the finger and walked out.  Suck on this, pal!  C-ya later!

Of course, this can also be instructional.  If we, as a country, keep spending our away our posterity, when China comes to collect what they're owed, we all may be living 12 to a room.  Just something to think about...

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