Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pot-heads dominate the country

First, let me recap the prediction I made last night. I predicted that the market would drop last night. I am pleased to say I was wrong. Though it was down almost 80 mid day it rallied on surprising news that durable goods purchases were up 5% in February and closed up 89%. So, was wrong, and my portfolio is better for it.

Now on to other topics. Last night Obama mentioned that he was going to hold a virtual town hall meeting and anyone can submit questions on-line. I submitted three questions myself, but I was also wondering what other questions people were submitting. When you look at the chart below,
you might note that the topics people are interested in are strangely in line with Obama's budget. That's not because they are of one's because those are the only categories to choose from - so be wary if you hear anything about how 19% of the people are concerned about the budget...they only has so many options to pick from.

The nice thing about the site is you can search for topic. As of this writing, when I search for "tax" it pulled up 5186 questions submitted by the folks. Search for fair or flat tax and it returns a total of 565 questions. And when you click on a topic - say, "Budget" it returns 8543 questions. You can vote on individual questions, and the ones that have the highest favorable rating are underneath the questions you vote on. You can't put too much stock in the people's voting criteria, however. Under the Budget category, 7 of the top 10 questions are related to legalizing marijuana. According to the people voting on the questions, 70% of the top ten questions related to the horrific budget plan Obama has submitted can be solved by legalizing dope. And in a tactic worthy of Acorn, the pot people often submitted the same question to each category, thereby increasing the odds that people will see, read or vote for their presiden - er, I mean their question. Incidentally, 4 of the top 10 questions under "Financial Stability" were related to legalizing dope; 2 of the top ten under "Health Care Reform" and one each under "Jobs" and "Green Energy" were related to legalizing dope.

So Obama has given the people a voice to ask about his vision for America (whether he'll actually answer the questions is another matter) and to take advantage of this opportunity, people slyly whisper to him "legalize it!"

Come to think of it, this may explain how he got elected in the first place. Remember, friends don't let friends vote while high!

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