Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Stand For Peace

I saw a bumper sticker yesterday while driving home that said "Stand For Peace." It struck me that I don't know what that even means. Does the driver want us all to stand around until there's no more war in the world? That hardly seems practical.

My next question is what is the definition of peace? One definition states that peace is "freedom from war." Liberals would have everyone believe that withdrawing our troops from Iraq will bring peace, but I see a big difference between "freedom from war" and the absence of warfare. To be free from war, all combatants must stop hostilities. Withdrawing from Iraq only stops hostilities from our side, not theirs. As they proved on 9/11, fundamental Islamists are actively planning, plotting and preparing to carry out acts of war at all times, whether we're "at peace" or not. It's not their hobby, it's their way of life. Does anyone really believe that withdrawing from Iraq will change any of that?

The fact is that people around the world are interpreting the Quran as it was written in the early 600's. What was acceptable behavior then is not now, but someone forgot to tell them that. Again, liberals have a simplistic catch phrase that true Islam is "a religion of peace." You would never know it by what's happening around the world. Until Islam makes true moves to reform, there will be no peace. Until peaceful Muslims who want to be part of modern society no longer tolerate aberrant behavior from their comrades, there will be no peace.

The guy in that car wants to stand for peace? I'll leave him a chair. He's going to get tired.

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